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Neustel Law Offices has been a tremendous resource and asset for over ten years. They are informed, in touch and accessible. Whether the work is local or global, they consistently provide timely, accurate and effective legal and patent work for us. I would recommend Neustel for patent and IP work for companies – startup to corporate.

- Doug Gibbs

Benefits of Neustel Law Offices

We are an intellectual property law firm that protects your intellectual property rights with affordable trademark and patent services.  Even though we practice nationwide, you will still receive the small firm customer service we pride ourselves on providing to all of our clients.  Benefits to you include (learn more at Why Choose Neustel?):

  • Affordable. Low overhead costs and efficient technology result in affordable fees for you.
  • Experience.  Work with our experienced patent attorneys and staff.
  • Flat-Fees.  Know what a patent application or trademark application will cost you.

Our Patent Attorneys

Our experienced patent attorneys have engineering backgrounds that allow them to work with most types of inventions.  We have prepared various types of patent applications from simple mechanical inventions to complex software inventions.

Our Trademark and Patent Services

Our patent attorneys provide various intellectual property services including patent searches, patent applications, trademark searches, trademark applications and infringement reviews.  We work with most technologies including mechanical, electrical, process, software and e-commerce inventions.

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Michael Neustel is the founder of the National Inventor Fraud Center, Inc.