What are Patent Searchers?

Patent searchers” are individuals who search for granted patents and published patent applications.  A patent searcher typically will not search for non-patent related items such as but not limited to technical articles or commercial products.  Many patent law firms hire independent contractor patent searchers or employee patent searchers to perform patent searches for their clients.

Patent Searcher Qualifications

There are no specific requirements or licensing to become a patent searcher.  However, a patent searcher must be able to (1) understand the technical subject matter of your invention, (2) the inventive features of your invention and (3) search and efficiently review granted patents and published applications.  In addition, the patent searcher should have a good understanding of patent law and particularly the laws relating to the patentability of an invention.

How to Hire a Patent Searcher

There are many patent searchers who perform very good services. When hiring a patent searcher, it is prudent to inquire as to whether or not the patent search understands the technical subject matter of your invention along with the inventive features of the same.  Keep in mind that it is not realistic to expect your patent searcher to be an “expert” in the field of your technology. If you would like more information about our patent search services, contact us at 1-701-281-8822 to speak with a registered patent practitioner.