Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Invoices from Neustel Law Offices. If this help section does not answer all of your questions, please call our office at 1-701-281-8822 for help.

What is Your “Balance Due”?

The “Balance Due” is the total amount owed by you which is indicated at the bottom of the invoice where it states “Balance Due”. If the Balance Due is $0, then you do NOT owe anything and the Invoice is merely for your records. If the Balance Due is not $0, then you owe the total amount indicated as the Balance Due (you can pay the Balance Due via check or credit card as indicated below).

What Services Were Performed?

The “DESCRIPTION” column on the Invoice shows the description of services performed by our office and the “DATE” column shows the date the services were performed. The “HOURS” column is used for hourly billable services only to indicate the amount of billable time for the particular service and will be left blank for a flat-fee service performed. The “AMOUNT” column indicates the amount for the service performed. If you have any questions about the services performed, please contact your patent attorney directly for help.

How Do You Pay by Credit Card?

You can pay your Balance Due by credit card either via (a) your Online Account at, (b) online at or (c) calling our office at 1-701-281-8822 to provide a credit card.

How Do You Pay by Check?

You can pay your Balance Due by check. Simply make the check payable to “Neustel Law Offices, LTD” and mail to: Neustel Law Offices, LTD ATTN: Accounts Payable 2534 South University Drive, Suite 4 Fargo, ND 58103

How Do You Open and View the Invoice?

Simply click on the PDF file that is attached to the e-mail which should open in Adobe Reader. Alternatively, you can visit your Online Account at  To open and view the invoice, you will need Adobe Reader installed to view the PDF file. You can download Adobe Reader for free at