Our Patent Attorneys Can Help You

If you have an invention that needs patent protection, our patent attorneys can help you protect your patent rights.  We work with inventors and businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of Neustel Law Offices

We are an intellectual property law firm that protects your intellectual property rights with affordable trademark and patent services.  Even though we practice nationwide in all 50 states, you will still receive the small firm customer service we pride ourselves on providing to all of our clients.  Benefits to you include:

  • Quality.  Work with our experienced patent attorneys and staff.
  • Talk to Us.  Call our office today to speak with a patent attorney or patent agent.
  • Flat-Fees.  Know what a patent application or trademark application will cost you.
  • Affordable. Low overhead costs and efficient technology result in affordable fees for you.

Our Patent Professionals

Want to learn more about our patent attorneys?  Visit our patent attorney section.

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