The attorneys at Neustel pride themselves on providing effective and passionate advocacy to protect their clients.  Our attorneys are located throughout the United States including Fargo, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Chicago, Phoenix, Austin and Fort Lauderdale.  Whether you need representation with a patent application, IPR proceeding or a patent infringement lawsuit, the Neustel Team is here to help you.

  • Michael Neustel (U.S. Patent Attorney) – Michael focuses his practice on all facets of patent and trademark related practice including infringement litigation, appeals, patent prosecution, trademark prosecution, patent licensing and patent portfolio management. 
  • Kimberly Baxter (Of Counsel – U.S. Patent Attorney) – Kim focuses her practice on all facets of patent prosecution including patentability opinions, patent application preparation, patent prosecution and infringement reviews.
  • Michelle Breit (Of Counsel) – Michelle is a highly experienced intellectual property litigator, representing clients in complex patent, copyright and trademark infringement actions.
  • Monte Bond (Of Counsel) – Monte is a highly experienced intellectual property litigator with over 30 years of experience with patent and trademark cases.
  • William Bohler (Of Counsel – U.S. Patent Attorney) – William focuses his practice on all facets of patent-related practice including patent infringement litigation, trials and appeals, patent prosecution, patent appeals, reexaminations and patent portfolio analysis.